What is the natural deterrent for Squirrels?

Do you ever hear scampering and squeaking in your lawns, grounds, backyards, and houses? What’s going on? Just check your attics, nooks, and corners. It’s important to identify the critter causing the problem. Yes, houses, kitchens, backyards, and obviously lawns have bugs, butterflies, and other animals like rats, mice, lizards, squirrels, etc. wandering here and there giving you goosebumps on your body. If there are squirrels messing your home up and down, you would be suffering from severe headaches in the coming days. You should act like Spiderman to catch the culprits. Squirrels are very innocent looking animals causing damage to your plants, flowering buds, and fruits in the gardens. You can opt-out methods, ways, and natural deterrents, to get rid of these chipmunks. We are discussing here different natural ways you can use for deterring squirrels. But don’t be cruel to them. Treat them with the utmost respect and humanity.

Natural Smells

There are certain natural scents and smells; squirrels mostly avoid. Peppermint and peppermint oil are a natural smell found to be unpleasant for squirrels. You can use cotton balls dipped in concentrated peppermint oil and should be placed in the whole garden to avoid squirrels. It can also be spread outside on flowering areas.

Chili Flakes

A very widely used natural deterrent is chili flakes or chili powder. Sprinkling a good dose of chili powder in a different area of ground, flowering beds will definitely work out. It causes a burning effect in their noses, feet, and bodies, and they don’t come out again to cause any damage to your garden. Chili powder can also be used as a mixture with black pepper and cayenne powder. Mix the cayenne powder with chili powder. Use this mixture outside the bird feeders. It also protects bird feeders from squirrels without causing any harmful effects on birds.

Hot Sauce Spray

Hot sauce is not only for satisfying your taste buds but also a natural deterrent for Squirrels. So, it can be used in the form of hot sauce spray. Make spray in proper proportion with water, filled it in spray bottles. Spray your garden flowers, fruits, and plants mostly eaten by Squirrels.

Dog Watchers

Dog watching and dog’s house on a lawn can also be helpful to keep the squirrels away from the garden.


Daffodils and some bulbs from the plant kingdom are not Squirrel’s favorite. Grow them in addition to other plants and keep your garden safe naturally.

Apple cider vinegar

The pungent odor of Apple Cider vinegar spray also turns off Squirrels. It is mostly available in ready to use the spray; buy and use it. You can also make it at home by mixing 1:1 water and vinegar.

Predators urine and litter

Predators urine and litter is also used as a natural deterrent. These rodents are easily scared of dog and cat hairs.

Block the entries

Check all the ins and outs of Squirrels thoroughly in your attic, house, and obviously gardens. Block all the entries and access points. You can also use traps and cages for this purpose.

Stop the growth

The army of these rodents can also be controlled naturally if you stop feeding them. Remove all fallen fruits, debris, fallen shrubs, and tree trunks. Regular cleaning will narrow their chance to live and grow.

Strategy Gardening

Gardening can be done with proper planning and strategy to avoid any damage. Implementation of proper fences all around the garden can keep Squirrels out of the vicinity. You can go for some net linings available in markets to add another protective outer layer. Hopefully, all these natural deterrents will really help you in dealing with these innocent creatures.

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