Rat Predators: What Animals Eat Rats?

Every rodent has certain predators. In the same way, rats have many predators. The most known killers of the rat are human beings. Other predators such as domestic cats, dogs, creeping animals like serpents, and flying creatures, including eagles and owls, are also harmful to rats. Rats have grinding habits. The urine on the floor spread bad odor, chew wires, and cause bacterial diseases. These rat activities are harmful to human beings. Therefore, they want to keep their houses safe from the spread of diseases and agents, causing those maladies. To protect their homes, they kill rats. People bring various rat predators to an end the nuisance created by rats. Following are the main predators that eat rats:


Rats do not appear in your house in the presence of a cat. It is because when a cat experiences an iota of rat smell, it keeps roaming in search of them. A rat is the favorite food of cats. It is the reason that many people keep cats at their houses as pets. These cats serve as a slayer of rats. Cats find rats in the house and inflict them a lot of injuries. It ultimately results in the death of rats. Cats eat rat carcass with great delight. Thus, cats are suitable predators for rats.


A dog is also one of the predators for rats. Dogs love to eat rat flesh. People use domestic dogs against rats. However, it is a challenging task for a dog to catch rats. Since rats are little creatures that can hide behind different objects and creep into holes, dogs fail to find them.


Eagles do not rely on birds alone as their prey. They hunt on a variety of small animals. Eagles come down the ground and kill many creatures such as hares, raccoons, opossums, and rats. An eagle suddenly takes a down flight and kill rats. Usually, eagles do this when a rat is busy eating specific food particles or in search of prey.


Large owls also feed on rats. Many rats live in deserted places. Owls also dwell in trees. They have sharp teeth and strong claws. When an owl feels hungry, it targets rats. Owl and rats are nocturnal animals. Hence, it is easy for owls to slay rats. An owl can cater to its food requirement by hunting on a single rat. They capture both young and adult rats.


The great danger for rats ensues from creeping animals. One of the challenging predators of rats is a snake. Snakes eat meat and drink milk. Most of the snakes live in jungles. Rat and snakes have similar living conditions. Therefore, snakes can easily assault rats and kill them. Rats cannot compete with snakes. It is because serpents are bigger and more poisonous creatures.

It has been noted that rats are obnoxious rodents. They cause a host of problems for human beings. To reduce the harmful effects of a rat, human beings take measures to kill them. In addition to human beings, there are many enemies of rats. These include cats, snakes, owls, eagles, and many other harmful animals.

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